Why CMG?


Collider Management Group Co creates vested partnerships-where all parties involved are vested in each other's success and matches have intent and purpose. CMG identifies and vet vendors to align with other vendors, corporations and government to execute specific needs.

Business Matchmaking

  • In Person Live Business Community Events
    • or
  • Virtual- Live On-Line Event with Scheduled Video one on ones
  • Curated, Targeted, Vetted and Coordinated.
    • Vendors Identified to Specific needs and Qualifications
  • Vendor Capabilities & Past Performances Documented
  • Local, National and International reach.
Save your precious time, Save Money, Meet with Intent and Stay Organized with our Professional services.

Business Community Platform

Post/Find Opportunities
  • Post/Find purchasing needs
  • Post/Find Sub-Contracting opportunities
  • Post/Find Products and Services
Promote/Find Events
  • Promote your Event
  • Sign up to Multiple Events with one Profile
Stay Connected and Engaged
  • See who is going to what events
  • Chat in Platform with Participants Pre & Post Events
Up to date Dynamic Business Profiles
  • No outdated spreadsheets!
  • Profiles include short videos
  • Vendors announce contracts awarded and jobs completed to your potential clients/collaborators.
Get the most Return on your Investment on all attended events- Prepare and have a Strategy.

Trade Missions

Traveling Delegates are welcomed at the destination with all Itinerary arrangements secured
Virtually with a Live Video On-line Organized Event
  • Commercial Briefings with Local Government
  • “How to do Business” with Local Legal Professionals
  • Relevant Resources, Programs and Aid Presentations
  • One on One Meetings Curated for Participants
  • International
    • Networks in U.S., Canada, Central/South America, Middle East and Europe.
Trade Missions are tailored to specific needs and industries. The team at CMG has professionally organized Global Trade Mission Trips with the end goal of conducting business.
Our methodology has been created with a series of benchmarks that allow for a valuable experience that will be tracked and measured for proven successful results.